Classic slots vs other casino games

Classic slots

When new visitors of online casinos open the house lobby, they find there different game categories including video slots and classic slots. A beginner might not know the difference between them, and choose the game trusting his intuition. Meanwhile, a good successful gambler must differ these kinds of gaming machines

Classic slots vs other casino games

Most games at a casino fall in these categories:

Classic slots

  • Video slots
  • 3d and HD games
  • Video poker
  • Table games (dice, roulette, blackjack, etc.)
  • Lotteries
  • Sports
  • Other

Classic casino slots are the online “brothers” of the first machines for gambling that appeared over a century ago. They are often confused with video slots.

Classic or video slots — how to recognize them?

Classic slots are like standard machines that can be found in any real casino. Most often, cherries, bananas, bells, sevens can be found among their characters. To find out the purpose and potential of profitability of each of these pictures, you just need to visit a special information and reference section called the paytable. As a rule, it is hidden under the button of the same name and acquaints players not only with the full set of symbols but also with winning combinations and payout rates.

Classic slots three-reel mechanism offers progressive payouts, and it is impossible to cheat it. It is based on a random number generator, but you shouldn’t even think that you can get an easy win. Video slots can be found only in online casinos. There is no classic mechanism, and specially developed programs are used. International corporations are engaged in the development of casino products, so similar machines can be found in various online casinos. The advantages of them are bright spectacular animation; and the game process itself is more interesting.

Mobile apps with classic slots

It will be a mistake to think that people, who love gambling, play classic slot games rarely or even ignore them. Statistics say that the number of players, who decide to download apps of this type, often reaches several million. The most popular applications with “old classics of a casino” include:

  1. Classic Slots-Free Casino Games & Slot Machines by Slots Limited;
  2. Old Vegas Slots by DGN Games;
  3. 777 Classic Slots app by Tap Slots;
  4. Quick Cash Classic Slots by Slots Casino Games Free, etc.

The best thing about them is that everyone can use them for free. Each player is given chips or fake money to play them. Besides, he gets different tasks. When the task is successfully finished, he is awarded more play money to continue this fun.

Traditionally, the user spends the game virtual currency to enjoy these classic slot machines, accumulating the level over time. As the player’s level rises, new games with unique mechanics open up for him, and the possible bets and winnings grow. The applications have a bonus incentive system. There are many ways to get free money to play online — daily and store bonuses, bonuses for watching video ads, etc.

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