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Video slots are slot machines presented on online platforms and in land-based gambling halls. The main difference between these machines is the absence of physical reels with symbols. The operation of video slots is based on computing programs and electronic control mechanisms.

Our site contains a large list of slot machines from popular manufacturers. Licensed demo copies of original devices allow you to play for free and familiarize yourself with bonus features and game rules. Features typical for all video slots are described in our article.

Today the concept of “video slots” is used as a synonym for slot machines, therefore it has lost its primary special meaning.

What are video slots

With the advent of new computer technology, slot machines have moved from mechanical designs to electronic ones. The software capabilities made it possible to abandon bulky devices with a lever and physical drums and move to digital development. With their help, we managed to realize more gaming opportunities:

  • increase the variability of combinations due to the greater number of symbols on the reels;
  • provide a larger number of lines or refuse them altogether, replacing them with ways of forming prize combinations;
  • use new options on slots: bonus games on the additional screen, bonus opportunities on the main screen, and so on;
  • use 3D graphics.

The rest of the video slots are no different from the classic slot machines. The rules and principles of the game are fully preserved. The user’s task has not changed either: during the spins, you need to collect prize combinations in order to get a reward.

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